Crossfit Mobility & Movement Prep Video Series

Swan Physiotherapy and CrossFit Artax in Midland paired up for the 2019 CrossFit Open.

These videos are PERFECT for keeping yourself as mobile and limber as you need to be come business time.

The videos are DETAILED and take you through how to do the exercises EXACTLY, so that you can get the best bang for your buck in the time you spend doing this kind of recovery/prep work.

In fact, the videos are useful for anyone who participates in any high impact or fast paced sport (CrossFit, F45, Aussie Rules, Rugby, Hockey and more!).

Each of the videos is worth a look, or if you'd like to focus on something specific we’ve listed the areas each cover below… enjoy!!

Video 1 - Mobility & Movement Prep

In our first video we focus on the lower body

  • Foam rolling Quad and ITB and Hip Flexor
  • Hip Flexor stretch
  • Back mobility 

Video 2 - Mobility & Movement Prep

The target areas in this video for mobility and movement prep are focused around your thoracic and hamstring region

  • Rotator cuff release with spike ball
  • Rotator cuff stretch
  • Hamstring warm up (aggressive!)

Video 3 - Mobility & Movement Prep

This video covers prep for overhead lunges and step ups

  • Glut Stretch
  • Thoracic mobility (seated broomstick exercise)
  • Trap release with spike ball

Video 4 - Mobility & Movement Prep

In this video we demonstrate:

  • Thoracic mobility (archer)
  • Foam rolling Lats
  • Glut release with spike ball 

Video 5 - Mobility & Movement Prep

This is a our final video in the series, preparing you for thrusters and pull-ups.

  • Rotator cuff stretch
  • Foam rolling lats and rotator cuff
  • Stretching gluts


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