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What we offer

Flexible Roster and opportunities

Are you interested in finding the perfect work arrangement that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle? Whether you prefer full-time employment, a compressed work schedule like a 9-day fortnight or a 4-day work week, or part time, your preferences matter to us.  We're dedicated to tailoring a role that aligns with your needs and priorities in life.

Got footy training on Tuesday and Thursday nights? No problem at all. Many of us here engage in sports and recognise it's significance in our lives, so we can work together to structure something that fits. Need some time off to recover from a crossfit competition? No worries, we can swap a few hours round during that week. We’re flexible.

As you look ahead, what are your aspirations in terms of sports club affiliations vs working with specialists vs delving into research? We're here to assist you in building valuable networks and connections in any realm.

Development & Support

At Swan Physio, we're firm believers in the power of continuous learning. It's a fundamental aspect of our identity, reflecting our commitment to the growth and development of our team.

So, what perks can you expect?

First off, you'll receive $1.5K per year for expanding your skill set through external courses like Dry Needling, Clinical Pilates, Strength and Conditioning training, or anything that you want to build into your clinical skillset. 

But it's not just about the financial support. We're here to provide a scaffold for your career growth.  That means structured weekly 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, in-house training, liaising with senior physios, and shadow sessions tailored for complex patient scenarios.

When it comes to patient care, we prioritise your confidence and competence.  You'll have the luxury of longer appointments, giving you ample time to assess and treat patients effectively.  No need to fear being thrown into the deep end... we're here every step of the way.  We're in no rush to reduce appointment times prematurely. Your comfort and professional development matter to us.

We also understand the value of self-directed learning.  That's why we've carved out dedicated time for you to focus on upskilling without the constant demands of patient care.

At Swan Physio, your growth isn't just encouraged—it's nurtured. We're invested in your individual career aspirations. Whether you dream of delving into research, working with specialist populations, or gaining management experience, we're here to facilitate your journey. We'll provide the guidance and resources tailored to your chosen career pathway.

Salary and Rewards

At Swan Physiotherapy we want our team members to feel secure in their pay, but also have the opportunity to be rewarded when they strive for excellence!

Which is why we offer our team members the security of an annual salary that’s WELL ABOVE the award, along with super.

Plus, we also provide QUARTERLY REWARD PAYMENTS based on patient billings. Our bonus payments are based on our own short term periods, meaning you get the flexibility to take time off when you want, and it won’t hurt your bonus! These rewards allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour by potentially earning an extra $30-40K per year on top of your salary!

Team culture

At Swan Physio, we understand the power of happiness and strive to foster a thriving team dynamic.

We firmly believe that creating a positive workplace environment and supportive culture is a collective responsibility—from our leadership team to all our staff members.  When we uplift and support each other, it enhances our overall work experience.

After all, work-life balance is crucial. That's why after demanding periods, we prioritise letting off some steam. Our "Social Days", held a throughout the year, is where we come together for some well-deserved fun and a catch up, not only with staff, but their partner's, after all, they are part of the Swan Physio family too...

Join us, where happiness isn't merely a benefit—it's woven into the very fabric of our workplace culture.

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