Common injuries - how they happen & what you can do

As physiotherapists, we see plenty of the same injuries again and again. This means we can quickly identify what's wrong and provide you with a treatment plan to help you recover. However, I think something more valuable is to help you understand what these common injuries are, and how they happen, so you can prevent them in the first place. Because as they say "prevention is better than a cure".

In this series of common injuries that physiotherapists see we will be talking about 

  • what the common injury is and how it happens
  • signs and symptoms
  • what causes it
  • what you should do to help yourself
  • the role of a physiotherapist

Common injury #1 - shoulder pain
First up in the series we will cover the very common shoulder pain (or shoulder impingement) which occurs when one of the Rotator Cuff tendons or the bursa becomes pinched, or “impinged", within the space between the ball and socket of the shoulder. Read  about it here

Make sure you visit this blog post regularly as we add more common injuries to the series.


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