If you have rolled your ankle it could be an injury that you may or may not need emergency medical advice on. If you heard a pop/crack at the time of the injury, have fast and painful swelling occur, or you absolutely can't walk on it, you may have a broken bone and it pays to play it safe. You should seek medical advice immediately at your local physiotherapy clinic/emergency department/local GP.

Your physiotherapist will be able to assess the ankle and if need be, refer you for an xray to assess for a fracture. If your physio thinks it is not fractured they will be able to use a strapping technique that will minimise the bleeding and fast track your recovery process.

If you feel that its not too bad, a great way to look after your injury is to us the RICER principle

- Rest (take it easy for a few days if possible)

- Ice (apply ice to it regularly to minimise the swelling)

Compression (firmly apply a bandage that will help to keep swelling at a minimum)

- Elevate (keep the ankle resting above your heart if you can to help in reducing the swelling)

Refer yourself (go and see your physiotherapist as soon as possible, you don't need a referral from a doctor)

An ankle injury will recover much faster with guidance and rehabilitation from your physiotherapist. They can use electrotherapy, manual techniques, strapping techniques and more to calm the severity of the injury in the short term. Equally as important, they will be able to provide you with the essential rehabilitation that you will need to restrengthen the ankle, and prevent the ankle injury from recurring. You should rehabilitate your ankle with your physio's guidance to ensure the best chance of a favourable and pain free return to sport, with the less risk of re injury. Click here to book in to see one of our physio's who can expertly assess your ankle and get you back to your best. 


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