Joint Replacement Surgery... REHAB before and after

Here at Swan Physio, we work with all Pre and Post Operative Knee Replacement patients, from all surgeons across Perth. So our team knows just how important your Joint Replacement is to getting the BEST out of life.  

Joint replacement surgery is the type of major surgery that can take a significant period of time for a full recovery and can be seen as a major event in your life. That’s why it’s important that you do everything you can, to be in the best shape possible before your operation and give yourself the best chance for a swift and uneventful recovery. 

Pre-Op Rehabilitation

Many people don’t think about starting physio before surgery. However, pre-surgery exercises can help to improve muscle strength and range of motion in your joints, reducing the risk of complications from surgery and improving your recovery time.

Physio before surgery provides you with specific exercises that will benefit you both before and after surgery. Increasing your level of condition pre-operatively and getting used to specific home exercises will allow you to transition more quickly into your post-operative rehab.

Pre-Op physio can assist with:

  • Less pain leading into surgery

  • Faster recovery

  • MUCH better movement in your joint afterwards

  • Confidence for post surgery exercises... they're TOUGH

  • Injury prevention (i.e. falls) prior to surgery that makes things worse

  • Can reduce time in hospital

  • Decrease muscle weakness

  • Improve circulation - faster healing

Post Op Rehabilitation

Post-operative physiotherapy is 100% necessary, and it helps with accelerating your recovery process after joint replacement surgery. It helps you regain mobility and functionality sooner than you would without intervention.

Your Physiotherapist will develop a tailored treatment plan for you based on the information provided about your surgery and your current recovery progress. They will use a combination of hands-on techniques and massage, guided exercise and other techniques, to help you improve your range of motion, coordination and strength, so that you can return to your work, sport, hobbies and daily life.

  • Faster recovery

  • Pain management

  • Improved mobility

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Prevention of stiffness

  • Reduced dependency on assistive devices: get rid of those crutches....

  • Long-Term functional gains

  • Guidance and Education

  • Early detection of Issues or post op complications

  • Get you back to your normal faster

  • Tailored Home Exercise Programs

  • Collaborative care with your Surgeon &/or GP

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If you're gearing up for joint replacement surgery or are on the road to recovery post-operation or even if you are still in the decision making stage, our physiotherapists are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to embark on a path of comprehensive care and discover how Swan Physio can make a remarkable difference in your joint replacement journey.

How to find us

Swan Physiotherapy is located at:

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